WeChat launches new livestream features and creator rights guide

Social ecosystem WeChat has recently added several features to help creators and brands. We’ve outlined the new additions below:

One-click livestream for WeChat mini-games

On 25 June, a one-click livestream feature for WeChat mini-games was launched.

Users can go live on WeChat Mini-Games by clicking the “…” button in the upper right corner of the mini-game. This transports them to WeChat Channels. Alternatively, users can access the function through WeChat Channels by searching for WeChat Mini-Games during a livestream. 

After the livestream starts, the live window will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen with livestream data, such as popularity, number of people online, and bullet-screen comments. Users can turn on or off the microphone to talk with others, share the livestream, and jump to shopping links/lottery. 

WeChat Channel creator rights guide

On 22 June, WeChat Channel released the creator rights guide. In order to encourage content creators to share high-quality content on the platform, WeChat Channel has offered a series of exclusive rights, including livestream shopping feature, and original content protection. In addition, creators who have more followers can unlock more rights.

Double-speed playback for WeChat article audio

Recently, WeChat launched an audio double-speed playback feature for WeChat articles, which also allows users to rewind or fast-forward.

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