WeChat expands e-commerce capabilities with new shopping account

WeChat has launched a new shopping account on Tencent Huiju 腾讯慧聚, a mini-program for e-commerce which is part of the tech giant’s smart retail business.

The shopping channel acts like a ‘branded product library’ with a display of products from different brands. It allows anyone to open a store and sell goods, similar to the e-commerce marketplace Taobao/Tmall. Users can choose the product that they want to promote, share it, and offer an exclusive price for friends.

So, what’s the difference between this and WeChat’s existing functions?

  • WeChat official accounts are for graphic creation
  • WeChat Channels offers livestreaming and short videos
  • WeChat’s shopping account is an e-commerce channel where users can open stores and share products on WeChat’s ecosystem. However, it is not currently accessible through ‘Discover’ or ‘My personal centre’ and can only be accessed via Tencent Huiju’s mini-program

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