Tsingtao brews up new ice cream sub-brand

Following in the footsteps of liquor icon Kweichow Moutai , the Chinese beer brewery Tsingtao has just dropped a beer-flavoured ice cream. At the helm of the product launch is Tsingtao World, China’s first beer museum situated in the company’s birthplace in Qingdao’s Old Town.

In fact, Tsingtao World has been developing beer-flavoured ice cream for 10 years and has even been selling it on-site for some time. But now, this innovative product is finally going to be rolled out nationwide under the new brand name Pi Ka Bing “啤咔冰”, marking a major milestone in Tsingtao’s product innovation.

Pi Ka Bing comes in 3 main flavours, all tantalisingly hoppy – Original, White Beer, and Stout. The selection is an ode to some of the brand’s lesser-known offerings, like the Belgian-style low-alcohol white beer and rich stout, which are often overshadowed by the flagship lager, ubiquitous across China. There are also a pair of sweet, fruity twists to the main ice cream flavours, like Original Beer with Vanilla and Buttermilk and White Beer with Cherry Blossom and White Peach.

While Kweichow Moutai set out to rejuvenate its brand image in the eyes of younger consumers, Tsingtao is hardly in need of this. Beer consumption is on the rise in China with a growing market share being snatched up by craft and premium beers. As the leading Chinese beer, Tsingtao doesn’t have to work hard to get bottles flying off shelves. But the ice cream launch sends a clear signal that the brand is not complacent. Tsingtao is angling for greater recognition, both as a symbol of cultural heritage and as a leader in product innovation and marketing.


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