Tiffany & Co. debuts its first online flagship store in China on

Luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. unveiled its first online flagship store in China on 10 February, joining hands with domestic e-commerce retailer to deepen its push into the local market.

From now on, consumers are able to access Tiffany & Co.’s world by simply searching the brand’s name on the app. In celebration of the virtual storefront landing, Tiffany & Co. presented a complete line-up of its popular products ranging from jewellery, accessories and homeware items through to fragrance collections, with new arrivals such as the Tiffany Lock bracelets included. 

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, the brand dedicatedly launched its classic Return to Tiffany collections which are available exclusively on the app. To pamper consumers in the season of love, features such as personalised packaging services and interest-free payment plans have been prepared for the holiday season.

To welcome Tiffany & Co. onboard, delicately changed its app interface setting into the jewellery brand’s trademark colour “robin’s-egg blue” to appeal to the target audience and raise consumer awareness. In order to assist the foreign player in making a splash in the local market, rolled out customised marketing tactics from virtual storefront setups to product releases, taking advantage of its immense consumer base.

Purchasing luxury goods at home has been gaining traction among Chinese consumers in the post-pandemic era, which is an approach that is believed to be beneficial to both Tiffany & Co. and On one hand, having the renowned jewellery brand onboard, has strengthened its stance in China’s luxury retail arena while exemplifying its sturdy business foundation. While on the other hand, Tiffany & Co. has effectively increased its sales channel and leveraged consumer engagement, capitalising on the dominant resources of the e-commerce giant.


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