Strawberry cat forever: Nayuki releases Mofusand collaboration

Chinese tea chain Nayuki has teamed up with the Mofusand IP for a strawberry-infused collaboration. For the collab, Nayuki has brought back its long-missed 2016 hit, the cheese-topped strawberry fruit tea. The kittens from Mofusand obligingly don strawberry headpieces for the partnership, as well as interacting with the co-branded products.

Apart from the reissue of the strawberry milk tea, the collaboration also includes a premium version of the tea that is topped with 8 slices of fresh strawberry, as well as jasmine tea and fresh cream. The series also includes a taro Swiss roll because of its cat tail-shaped swirls. Exclusive packaging featuring Mofusand cats with strawberry or their usual shark headpieces and stickers are being given away in limited quantities. A themed thermos cup, a paw-shaped glass and a strawberry cat plush bag will be available for purchase or exchanged with points.

Mofusand is an IP of cat illustrations created by Japanese illustrator Juno. “Mofu” means fluffy in Japanese and the series usually features a brown and a silver tabby kitten in various costumes and headpieces. The shark headpiece is one of the best-known liveries for the cats as they are called “shark cats” in the literature of the Nayuki co-branding. Mofusand has also done its own collaborations recently with the likes of Sanrio and its beloved characters.

This collaboration provides many creative options for merch and gifts, which, according to a recent survey, is one of the main reasons people buy co-branded tea and coffee. Nayuki did several collaborations with illustration IPs and memes, such as with the South Korean Dinotaeng bear IP last November and the Malao monkey memes last December. Although comparatively niche compared to Luckin’s Line Puppy or Hey Tea’s Speechless Buddha partners, Nayuki has nonetheless tapped into the internet meme culture with its recent collaborations.


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