Small Christmas tree sales explode in China’s Christmas town

Despite the global pandemic, sales Christmas products did not falter in Yiwu, a town in China dedicated to producing Christmas items.

According to Yiwu’s sellers, this year’s epidemic has had a certain impact on their orders of Christmas products, but, in general, the hit was are not as large as expected. Buyers from all over the world bought in similar quantities compared to previous years. Most orders were shipped to North America, South America, Europe, and Japan.

“Many people have to stay at home to celebrate Christmas this year because of COVID-19.”

A seller who has been in the Christmas tree wholesale business in Yiwu for 10 years, according to Jiemian News

Small Christmas trees (60cm and 90cm) were extremely popular this year, due to most people celebrating the festival in their own home. Medium-sized (1.2-1.5 meters) and large (above 1.5 meters) trees we not quite as popular as they were in previous years.

Yiwu’s e-commerce site, Yiwugou, helped small merchants on the website translate product names and copy to attract more overseas customers this year.

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