SHEIN to support small vendors with new “Gravity” scheme

The controversy-ridden Chinese fast fashion company SHEIN is set to launch a new scheme to support smaller vendors on its third-party retail platform SHEIN Marketplace.

With the aim of improving the competitiveness of small and medium vendors on the platform, SHEIN has pledged to help 10,000 sellers around the world achieve annual sales of over one million US dollars over the next three years.

The scheme comes as the company prepares to launch SHEIN Marketplace in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, having already launched in Brazil, the US, and Mexico. Cultivating a strong network of local sellers across its operational regions will be key to ensuring Marketplace goods can be delivered quickly to customers no matter their location, making the Gravity scheme timely.

Much like marketplace tabs launched by other fast fashion sites like ASOS, SHEIN Marketplace connects users to retailers based locally, essentially acting as a middleman between buyers and suppliers.

With this platform, SHEIN is taking its offerings well beyond fashion to sell household items, stationery, electronics, sports equipment, and more – effectively transforming the company into an e-commerce platform that can compete globally with the likes of Amazon, Shopee, Pinduoduo, and Lazada.

The Gravity Scheme is part of SHEIN’s increasing focus on social impact and sustainability after its brand image was tarnished by repeated accusations of plagiarism and unethical labour practices. Supporting small and medium vendors is unlikely to radically change SHEIN’s image, with some even arguing that the brand’s trend-focussed business model perpetuates wasteful consumption among its young customers. However, its reputation for unethical practices does not appear to have dented its popularity, as it was the world’s most downloaded shopping app in 2022. 

On the launch of the Gravity scheme, SHEIN COO Molly Miao said, “The expansion of our platform allows us to work with sellers to better meet the needs of global consumers. At the same time, we always follow the principle of win-win cooperation with our partners, providing SMEs and sellers in different regions with full life-cycle growth empowerment and ultimately achieving the goal of sustainable development.”


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