Report shows that Shanghai Disneyland has promoted local tourism

To celebrate China Tourism Day, the China Tourism Academy today released the “Shanghai Disneyland Happy Tourism Trend Report”.

The report summarises the changes and trends in China’s theme park industry since the opening of Shanghai Disneyland five years ago. It is based on the more than 3 million visitor surveys that Shanghai Disneyland has collected in the past five years. 

The report highlights two main trends: 

Theme parks attract all age groups

The report shows that Shanghai Disneyland’s theme park and entertainment experience have attracted tourists of all ages. The proportion of visitors aged 30-50 with children exceeded 30%. Family-oriented attractions and facilities have also made it a popular destination for the silver generation to take their grandchildren.

As well as being popular among families, people aged 20-30 without children accounted for nearly half of visitors.

Stimulating regional development

Theme parks have a positive impact on the regional economy and play a significant role in promoting the development of local tourism and related industries. According to the surveys conducted by Disneyland, between 2018 and 2019, more than two-thirds of foreign tourists said they came to Shanghai to visit Disneyland. Data from the China Tourism Research Institute shows that the majority of tourists stayed in Shanghai for 2-3 days after visiting Disneyland, creating more opportunities for Shanghai’s tourism-related industries.

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