Pop art: POP MART and Balmain release limited edition figurine

Chinese blind box toymaker POP MART and French luxury fashion house Balmain have teamed up for a special version of the Mega Space Molly 1000% figurine, limited to 999 pieces in the world. The 70cm figurine has been available from POP MART outlets all over the world and various online platforms since 5 January.

This is the first collaboration between the Chinese toy brand and the French fashion label. The figurine itself features a striking red and black colour scheme, as well as gold details inspired by Balmain bag clasps. The handheld space camera detail is covered in a gold Balmain monogram pattern, showing off its luxury lineage. An NFC chip embedded into the toy will access the authentication webpage when scanned with a smartphone. The co-branded Mega figurine will set you back 5,999 RMB (844.28 USD) if you’re quick enough to get your hands on one.

Balmain, established in 1945 in Paris by Pierre Balmain, pioneered the “New French Style” in the 1940s as a bold and fresh feminine look. The French label, continuing its legacy, has done several refreshing collaborations from the iconic H&M collab in 2015 to more recent Puma and Evian partnerships. The new co-branded figurine showcases Balmain’s French modernism combined with the space-age retrofuturism of Space Molly.

POP MART, founded in 2010, on the other hand, has been expanding worldwide, as overseas revenue is a major driver for the brand’s growth. In 2023, the toymaker opened its first store in Continental Europe in Paris. It has also seen many collaborations over the years with fashion brands like Vans and Crocs. The luxury team-up with Balmain, however, would not only elevate POP MART into the premium segment but also help Balmain harness the blind box maker’s collectability to attract a younger audience for the heritage French brand.


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