Pizza Hut launches mahjong tile mousses for Chinese New Year

Pizza Hut has released its Chinese New Year campaign which appeals to the festival’s traditional customs and celebrations.

Pizza Hut’s giant ox package – which celebrates this year’s zodiac animal – includes a giant cheese pizza, steak pizza, grilled sea bass platter and Chinese New Year-themed desserts.

The fast-food chain’s themed desserts take the shape of mahjong tiles and red envelopes. Both playing mahjong with friends and families and giving red envelopes are two of the most common forms of celebration during the festival.

The red envelope-shaped handbag mousse is filled with strawberry flavoured cream, while the mahjong tile mousse cake is stuffed with peanuts and cream imported from Europe.

Pizza Hut China also launched a 5D dinner service for the Chinese New Year period. The experience aims to display China’s intangible heritage culture through performances, backdrops and more. The 5D feature will be available in stores in Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Chengdu, and Guangzhou.

Netizens praised Pizza Hut for its localized content and the inclusion of traditional Chinese culture and Chinese New Year customs.

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