Popular C-beauty brand Perfect Diary launch their first male beauty products

In recent years, male consumers’ interest in beauty products has seen a spike following China’s growing social acceptance and recognition towards the use of male beauty products. According to Korea Trade Association, the male beauty market was predicted to reach 16.7 billion RMB ($2.6 billion) by the end of 2020. 

This trend has been fuelling a growing market for male cosmetics and skincare.

On 25 July, Perfect Diary announced that they have collaborated with the National Gymnastics Team to launch a series of men’s products. This marks their entry into the men’s personal care products market.

The first products launched include a series of men’s make-up and moisturising skincare products, such as men’s antiaging cream, lip balm, a moisturising skincare kit. The Perfect Diary “Men’s Series” is tailor-made for young men and is positioned as a comprehensive, professional and fashionable grooming collection.

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