MUJI’s first farm-themed concept arrives in Shanghai

On 17 February, Japanese retailer MUJI unveiled its first farm-themed store in Shanghai, offering locally grown vegetables and catering to the country’s ever-growing demands for healthy products in the post-pandemic era.

The new store is comprised of 3,000 square metres, debuting the MUJI Farm for the first time in China, and providing organic food and farm-to-table dining experience for local consumers, along with selling homeware items, everyday apparel, beauty cosmetics and daily use products. 

“MUJI Farm” is centralised on growing healthy vegetables in organic garden soil with a minimal amount of agricultural chemicals. In partnership with a Shanghai farm, freshly harvested spinach, beetroot, cabbage, curly kale and other types of seasonal veggies will be delivered to the MUJI store within 24 hours. Consumers are encouraged to enjoy salads produced using locally grown ingredients in the MUJI Diner canteen, driving the farm-to-table lifestyle concept.

As for the MUJI Farm proposal, “it was inspired by the growing health awareness among Chinese citizens,” according to the spokesperson for MUJI China. By doing so, the Japanese retailer can deliver pleasantly-tasting products with guaranteed quality to local consumers. Apart from the farm-fresh vegetables, the MUJI Wine and Tea Workshop also made their first appearance at the newly opened storefront, coming with a wide array of options to cater to the tastes of different demographics.

The massive COVID outbreak in China led to the country’s booming awareness and pursuit of healthier lifestyles. In terms of purchasing foods, good-quality and fresh, price-setting as well as green and healthy have become the top three factors which influence consumers’ decisions, as per a consumption report released by Deloitte.

As such, debuting the MUJI Farm in Shanghai, the international city renowned for its modernism, showcases the Japanese retailer’s insightful observation towards local consumer trends and the green food industry. With the country’s economy getting back on track, consumer traffic is noticeably increasing, and MUJI remains bullish of the market landscape and envisions future sales growth.


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