Mafengwo pitches mooncakes to campers this Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is a great time for brands to strut their stuff to the Chinese consumers. The ideas have always been around experimenting with new mooncake fillings or bringing the folk story behind the festival into their products. However, there is a new trend this year – being practical. Amongst all the innovative designs of multiple-use mooncake boxes, one brand stands out – Mafengwo, the most popular travel website in China. It turns a mooncake box into a camping case.

The idea of a camping case is in line with the increasing popularity of camping amongst Chinese young people. It consists of two parts – a reusable metal box and a foldable linen handbag that carries the box. They come in a perfect size for a casual camping trip, easy to take yet big enough for a couple. The design is also in the details – side pockets and a utility strap for attaching accessories around the handbag make the case extremely useful.

Another surprise of this Mid-Autumn gift comes as a vintage “oil” lamp inside the mooncake box. It is a chargeable electric lamp and can hold a charge for 8 to 72 hours. Although it is a replica oil lamp, it offers the experience of adjusting the light intensity, just like with a real one! The idea of the lamp is to serve as a reliable resource whilst camping and to prolong one’s exploration into the night. This lamp is also popular amongst sustainability advocates due to the fact that it needs no kerosene to light up.

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