KFC heats up Christmas with bucket-shaped mini electric cooker

For many, keeping your KFC Christmas bucket warm and even reheating it might be a hassle. This year, KFC addresses precisely this with a bucket-shaped electric cooker for your chicken and more. At the same time, the annual Christmas toy collaborations and seasonal food options for the Chinese market are also here.

The mini electric cooker is shaped like a classic sharing bucket but with snowflake Christmas motifs. With 800ml of capacity, 500W of power and non-stick coating, the bucket is designed to be used by one or two people for boiling or shallow frying. It is included with an 89.9 RMB (12.69 USD) meal.

Each year, KFC releases a seasonal “giant bucket” and other time-limited meals for Christmas in China. As per recent tradition, meals with exclusive co-branded toys are also available. After Minions last year and Hello Kitty from the year before, this year it’s Pokémon’s turn. Fan favourites Meowth, Psyduck and Snorlax in regular sizes are given out randomly with a 39.9 RMB (5.63 USD) meal, while a 78.9 RMB (11.13 USD) meal includes a giant Pikachu magic mirror (with an actual mirror on the back).

There’s also something special about the Christmas menu. Marketed as an Italian-style Christmas, roasted whole chicken and pasta burgers are introduced, as well as a nama chocolate (ganache) and mouse chocolate cake. To add to its Italian credentials, KFC is also teaming up with Lavazza for two Panettone fruitcakes. The topic “KFC Italian Christmas Month” (#肯德基意式圣诞月#) has received over 10 million views on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform.

With themed special menus including a cake collaboration with a coffee brand, KFC is going for a “consumption upgrade” with its food this year. On the other hand, with a useable mirror and a branded kitchen appliance, KFC is also looking to leverage consumers’ penchant for practicality with its gifts amid “rational consumption”.


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