High demand for iPhone 15 in China leads to Apple site crash

Apple’s launch of its new iPhone 15 series has elicited an intensely enthusiastic response from its Chinese consumers, as soaring demand in pre-sales on September 15 swiftly caused its official website to crash.

Within the first 10 minutes of the launch, the platform was down for approximately 6-7 minutes. At the same time, on the prominent e-commerce platform Taobao, the iPhone 15 series was briefly marked as ‘sold out’ within one minute.

Given its new colours, improved cameras, and design and function upgrades, the iPhone 15 has gained significant attention and demand in China. The Pro and Pro Max models, equipped with the industry’s first 3-nanometer chip and a titanium case, have garnered particular attention. Moreover, according to the Taobao hot search data, within a week, the popularity of the iPhone 15 series on Taobao Tmall has surged by 512%.

Meanwhile, on Chinese social media, netizens have mixed views over the allure of the latest iPhone. While some are keen to acquire it, anticipating an improved user experience from its new chips, others argue that the minimal changes in the new models do not qualify it as a groundbreaking enough product.

Coinciding with this debate, Apple’s global competitor Huawei, unveiled its latest models like the Mate 60 Pro and Mate X5 in China. This dual rollout from both tech giants is priming the market for an enthralling brand showdown in the near future.


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