FLOW Meditation launches new mental health podcast

China’s leading meditation and mental wellness provider FLOW has just launched a new Chinese-language podcast called 此间心流, which roughly translates to “Flow into this Space”.

The podcast is hosted by FLOW’s founder Wu Zan, an entrepreneur and long-time meditation enthusiast, and the company’s chief content officer Luna Yue Ren, who is a licensed psychotherapist in mainland China and a psychology scholar. Each week’s hour-long discussion will feature a different guest speaker sharing personal stories of growth as well as insights from the forefront of the mental health industry.

The first episode, entitled “I’m sensitive, so what?”, features guest speaker Hu Tingting, a certified practitioner of a therapeutic technique called Hakomi, which draws on Buddhism and Taoism to promote psychological transformation through a body-centered and experiential approach.

Alongside the two hosts, Hu discusses the phenomenon of highly sensitive people, and shares how meditation practice can foster self-acceptance among those who identify as such. There is also a guided awareness practice at the end of the episode to help listeners immediately put theory into practice.

As well as acting as a resource for mental health students, professionals, and enthusiasts, the podcast also serves as a marketing tool to promote FLOW’s flagship meditation app. As well as guided meditation, the app features online audio and video content for emotional management, anxiety relief, cures for insomnia, and yoga exercises.

Inspired by the community marketing approach that made yoga apparel brand Lululemon a runaway success in China, FLOW has been holding regular offline sound therapy and meditation sessions to allow the app’s users to fully immerse in their meditation practice and meet like-minded people. The podcast acts as an enrichment to these sessions, creating continuous opportunities for app users to explore new facets of meditation and therapy.

Flow into this Space is available on most major podcast platforms, including Apple, Ximalaya, and NetEase.


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