Douyin expands its e-commerce business to beauty ahead of 618 festival

Just in time for China’s annual “618” shopping extravaganza, short video giant Douyin has opened a self-operated beauty store within the Douyin app, offering a wide range of high-end brand beauty products. Formerly known as “Meili Xin Xuan”, the business has changed its name to Douyin’s self-operated beauty e-commerce for the Douyin 618 Good Things Festival. 

This move follows Douyin’s previous ventures into self-operated e-commerce businesses within its app. To date, the tech giant has created entities including fast fashion clothing e-commerce business “Fei Yun Zhi Shang“, cultural creativity e-commerce platform “Douyin Wen Chuang”, and “Super Cheap Small Shop” which offers affordable items.

Additionally, the platform owns an agricultural product e-commerce business “Yuan Tou You Xuan”, a liquor e-commerce business “Chao Niang Mu Yin”, and “Douyin Supermarket”, which opened in early 2023. With the addition of its latest beauty products business, Douyin has now deployed a total of seven self-operated business lines.

According to Douyin e-commerce, in November 2022 alone, the beauty industry’s e-commerce short videos were being viewed an average of 330 million times daily, with e-commerce live broadcasts attracting over 130 million viewers each day. Moreover, between December 2021 and November 2022, the Douyin beauty industry garnered more than 100 million new order users, highlighting the sector’s growth potential on the platform.

Sources have also indicated that Douyin plans to expand its self-operated e-commerce businesses further into including luxury goods. For now, though, the self-operated e-commerce businesses are focused on offering price subsidies on select products, aiming to achieve significant growth in sales and performance.

Overall, Douyin’s entry into the self-operated beauty e-commerce sector marks a strategic move to capitalise on the booming demand for high-end beauty products within China’s massive consumer market.


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