Dairy brand Yili unveils two new low carbon milk products, furthering sustainability commitment

On 22 May, which is the International Day for Biological Diversity, Yili held the ‘WISH2030 Conference’ and released its latest ESG report. The Weibo topic #ESG 20 years of Yili’s goodness# (esg20周年伊起美好) gained 160 million views. Additionally, Yili presented two low-carbon milk products – Yili’s first ‘Double-reduced Environmentally Friendly Pure Milk’ and the first ‘Methane-reduced QQ Star Student Environmentally Friendly Pure Milk’.

Yili’s first ‘Double-reduced Environmentally Friendly Pure Milk’ adopts innovative low-carbon feed technology, which can significantly reduce methane emissions from the rumen of dairy cows by 20% to 30%. Moreover, the product’s packaging is innovative in its environmental process, using reduced aluminium foil and ink technology, which has been certified by SGS to effectively reduce the product’s carbon footprint by up to 30.81%.

The ‘Methane-reduced QQ Star Student Environmentally Friendly Pure Milk’, designed for the youth group, uses the same low-carbon feed technology and has an environmentally friendly packaging design to communicate the importance of a low-carbon lifestyle and guide them to cultivate such habits from an early age.

As the official dairy partner of the Chinese Sports Delegation for the 2024 Olympic Games, Yili Group owns more than 20 brands, including Yili, SATINE and Ambrosial, with products ranging from liquid milk, milk powder and cheese. Yili is ranked among the top five dairy companies in the world and is one of the largest and most comprehensive dairy companies in China. Yili has 15 R&D and innovation centres and 75 production bases around the world, and its liquid milk, milk powder, yoghurt, cheese and cold beverages are sold in more than 60 countries and regions.

In 2023, Yili and Mengniu Dairy ranked among the top two in the industry in terms of market share and revenue capacity. Under China’s ESG policy, the two are expanding their competition from profitability to sustainable development. Yili has formulated the ‘WISH 2030’ Golden Key Sustainability System, and in 2023, it established a ‘double footprint’ carbon reduction programme for the whole chain, with a ‘carbon footprint + water footprint’ programme.

In the field of biodiversity conservation, Yili has made significant efforts in recent years: eco-friendly management of the Hulunbeier grasslands, planting pine trees in Alxa, guarding a wetland paradise for trumpeter swans, building an ‘elephant canteen’ for Asian elephants, and building a new home for the endangered Chinese spot-billed duck.


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