How does a bike shine in the spring? DiDi Bike sends out a flower surprise

This April, DiDi Bike launched a spring-themed campaign titled “Send You a Spring Blossom.” In the major buildings and intersections of four cities, including Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhuhai, and Tianjin, DiDi Bike has prepared floral surprises. Decorated bikes with “twist twist potted plants” and six different fresh-cut small flower bouquets, including tulips, roses, and more are included as part of the floral giveaway.

Tim Hortons is the coffee brand partner for this campaign. Both brands encourage users on Weibo, a Chinese platform similar to Twitter, to “grow spring” by using leftover coffee cups to bring spring into their lives.

Attaching fresh flower cards to bicycles is not the first creative expression method where DiDi Bike explores bicycles as a unique brand medium. On 2 April, as a supporting enterprise, DiDi Bike participated in the 2024 Beijing Flower Appreciation Season and Beijing Forest Culture series of activities. DiDi Bike deployed “surprise bikes” and 2,000 units of the latest DiDi Bike models on 10 selected cycling flower appreciation routes.

On 27 March, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Flower Exhibition announced the launch of carbon neutrality initiatives. DiDi Bike donated an equivalent amount of Shenzhen carbon offset verification voluntary emission reductions to offset the carbon emissions generated by flower exhibition activities. DiDi Bike is attempting to establish a closer connection with flowers while also demonstrating its commitment to ESG.


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