Coffee with books’ flavour? Seesaw joins World Book Day

On 23 April, World Book Day, Seesaw unveiled its limited-edition coffees “Bookish Latte” (书香拿铁) and “Knowledge Ink” (知识墨水), in collaboration with the release of the Tmall Bestseller New Book List. “Knowledge Ink” is an iced black Americano, while “Bookish Latte” is a classic Italian milk coffee. Both products not only capture the form and taste of coffee but creatively connect the relationship between books and caffeine.

Seesaw pairs these two drinks as part of a “Reader’s Combo”. Available nationwide in stores, they are accompanied by a complimentary limited edition book blind box, containing newly listed books on the Tmall New Book List and best-selling classic literary novels. Consumers ordering on delivery platforms can also receive these. Discussions on Xiaohongshu (RED) focus on “the great value of book blind boxes” and “hoping that drinking Knowledge Ink can make me smarter.”

Additionally, Seesaw and Tmall’s Bestseller New Book List jointly launched the “One Square Meter Library” plan, setting up one-square-metre cultural spaces in 50 offline stores, regularly updating newly listed books on the Tmall Bestseller list, allowing consumers entering the coffee shop to read while enjoying coffee.

Founded in 2012 in Shanghai, Seesaw is China’s earliest boutique coffee chain brand. By October 2020, Seesaw had established itself in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and other vibrant cities, with 26 coffee spaces. Founder Wu Xiaomei said in an interview, “I hope that in the future, more people will see Seesaw as a way of life. I want to open a coffee shop that helps urban dwellers relieve stress and provide creative lifestyles for more people, envisioning a better life.”


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