Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi launches in Russia

Didi Chuxing has launched its ride-hailing services in Russia which is its first Eurasian market and marks a milestone in the company’s global expansion.

Didi already operates mobility, food and delivery services in Australia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia and Panama.

Didi’s “0188” three-year international growth strategy was announced by Cheng Wei, DiDi’s founder and CEO, in April 2020. The number “0” represents that safety is a top priority as DiDi will continue to strive for a future without major safety and security incidents. The other three numbers “188”, represents finishing more than 100 million daily trips globally; reaching an 8% penetration rate in China’s mobility market; and gaining 800 million monthly active users globally.

“We look forward to building a broad partnership with Russian partners and drivers to provide better, safer and more convenient services to the public.”

Stephen Zhu, Senior Vice President and Head of DiDi’s International Business 

Within China, Didi is investing into driverless cars which it has launched in certain areas of Shanghai. It has also worked with the People’s Bank of China to test a digital currency.


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