Business livestreaming market scale will reach 3.5 billion RMB

According to iiMedia’s “2020 Chinese Business Livestreaming Trends Report”, more and more people are using online education platforms due to COVID-19. Business livestreaming has also grown rapidly and the report estimates that its market scale will reach 3.5 billion RMB by the end of the year. 

Livestreaming has taken hold of almost every online business and is part of China’s “new normal”. In fact, business users are overwhelmingly satisfied (88.9% of respondents) with livestreaming services.

Livestreaming is being used as an innovative way to exchange information from offline to online, from the static transmission to real-time. It can be leveraged and integrated into any online-to-consumer business, and is providing many new opportunities for businesses to explore. 

Livestreaming has EXPLODED in 2020 – just check out some of these amazing figures:


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