Chinese internet giant NetEase enters video market

NetEase announced its formal entry into the video market at an online conference it held for video creators today (January 21). NetEase is one of the largest Internet and video game companies in the world and provides online services based around “diverse content, community, communication and commerce”.

The company’s first knowledge short video creation platform is called NetEase Knowledge Highway 网易知识公路. In the future, NetEase News, NetEase Cloud Music, NetEase Yanxuan, NetEase LOFTER, and NetEase Youdao will also have video sections.

“Video content is one of the important development directions for NetEase in the future. NetEase attaches great importance to the value of content and content creators.”

Ding Lei, NetEase CEO

Ding Lei, CEO of NetEase, launched three schemes to encourage creators to join NetEase’s new video platform:

  1. NetEase will provide creators with one billion RMB of subsidies, tens of billions of traffic, and hundreds of billions of exposure support. Creators with a large following and MCN organizations who join and post on the platform will receive rewards.
  2. NetEase will use AI technology to help creators improve their video content. The “Iceberg Think Tank” will use algorithms to help creators choose topics popular among viewers and develop scripts.
  3. NetEase will establish a “video creator rights system” to provide users with full support over the rights of their content. It will also launch one-to-one operational services with 24/7 response.

The new video services will enable NetEase to compete with other video platforms, such as Kuaishou, Douyin and Bilibili.

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