Over 400 million searches made on Douyin (Chinese TikTok) per day

Douyin released its “2020 Douyin Data Report” today (January 5) which has outlined some of the trends that have dominated the platform over the last year. Douyin is a short-form video platform which is China’s version of TikTok and is owned by tech giant ByteDance.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many offline activities to be transferred online, and video and livestreaming have played an increasingly important role in people’s lives for entertainment purposes, as well as for e-commerce. To keep up with consumers’ growing demand, Douyin launched and improved services throughout 2020, including livestreaming, social networking, e-commerce, and its search function. As a result, Douyin reached 600 million daily active users in September. The report revealed that, as of December 2020, an average of over 400 million video searches were made per day on the platform.

As schools and universities were forced to close, online classes became the key method of learning for students during the pandemic. Platforms adapted to the demand by adding new features for educators, and Douyin welcomed some of the country’s top universities onto the platform. In 2020, various universities, including Peking University and Beijing Normal University, launched livestreamed classes on Douyin and Tsinghua University’s streams attracted more than 36 million viewers.

The report also reflects popular trends among different demographics during 2020. Post-90s users, many of whom are starting to get married and have children, tended to record parent-child routines in their videos. While post-80s enjoy taking videos of beautiful landscapes, post-70s preferred to capture their food and post-60s liked to record videos of dancing.

The report shows that “rice cooker cakes” were the most popular homemade food for Douyin users in 2020 as related videos reached more than 9.3 billion views.

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