China boasts the largest 5G network in the world

According to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China has built the largest 5G network in the world, with 260 million smartphone terminals. 

China’s Academy of Information and Communications Technology confirmed that 5G smartphones dominated China’s smartphone market in March 2021. The 27.5 million units accounted for 76.2% of China’s total mobile phone shipments in March. 

Indeed, 5G is not a new thing in China and the country is continuing to push the boundaries when it comes to connectivity.

Today, 19 April 2021, Dong Mingzhu, Chairman and President of Chinese electric appliances giant Gree, announced that Gree is building a fully unmanned blacklight factory, dependent on 5G technology. They have been running this 5G factory since 2019, and it is currently in trial operation. 

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