Meituan launches driverless takeaway delivery vehicle

Delivery company Meituan has officially launched their new generation of self-developed driverless delivery vehicles in Shunyi, Beijing. Compared to their previous version, this model is smarter, more stable, safer, longer-lasting, and has a larger load capacity. 

The new driverless delivery vehicle boasts L4-level autonomous driving capabilities, developed by Meituan as part of their 5-year driverless delivery exploration.

“The new generation of driverless delivery vehicles is the latest solution for low-speed instant delivery outdoors. The release of this vehicle marks Meituan’s ability to standardise mass production capabilities in the self-driving industry. In the future, Meituan’s self-driving delivery will continue to make deliveries more efficient, creating a better experience for users. We will also continue to increase investment in technological innovation, to help everyone eat and live better.”

Xia Huaxia, Vice President and Chief Scientist of Meituan

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