Tmall Global offers “nursery service” for brands entering China

In recent years, the scale of cross-border e-commerce has expanded considerably in China as the number of online shoppers has rocketed. With that, the scope of services and support for businesses seeking to conduct cross-border commerce in China has also grown.

Tmall Global, China’s leading cross-border e-commerce platform, has announced that it plans to increase the number of international brands in 2021. Any retailer who plans to open an online store on Tmall Global will be offered a nanny-style “nursery service” throughout the process. Brands and merchants will be given one-to-one assistance from cross-border business experts who can speak nine different languages. They will guide them through the process of launching a store on Tmall and how the platform operates. As such, the entire process of launching on Tmall can be conducted online without the need to travel to China.

More than 26,000 international brands from 84 countries and regions have joined Tmall Global, of which 80% entered the Chinese market for the first time. In total, their products cover 5,300 categories. In 2020, the number of new brands on Tmall Global grew by 125% year-on-year, and the number of new imported products increased by 130% year-on-year.

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