Two Chinese companies rank in world’s top self-driving vehicles

The California Department of Transportation DMV released its 2020 full-year autonomous driving report yesterday (February 9) ranking the top companies globally in the self-driving automotive industry. Two Chinese autonomous driving unicorn companies, AutoX and, made the top five. Auto X, a four-year-old startup backed by Alibaba, uses AI technology to operate its autonomous vehicles and recently launched self-driving taxis in Shenzhen.

Waymo continues to hold the top spot for the fifth consecutive year. Among the top three companies, Waymo, Cruise, and AutoX have all obtained California’s full driverless license, which is the highest recognition in the world. This signifies that they all possess fully unmanned driving capabilities without security officers. Both Waymo and AutoX launched trials for a fully unmanned RoboTaxi in 2020 which they aim to later open to the public.

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