TikTok forms US e-commerce team for secondhand luxury

TikTok has set its sights on broadening its influence in the e-commerce landscape by assembling a specialised e-commerce team based in the US to focus on the resale of pre-owned luxury items.

Reports have previously circulated about TikTok’s increased investment in the secondhand luxury market. In fact, some TikTok Shop vendors have already commenced trials for the sale of pre-owned luxury items such as jewellery, watches, and high-end handbags, setting the stage for the platform’s broader foray into this domain. Moreover, the recruitment descriptions hint at TikTok’s plans to leverage influencer marketing within the secondhand luxury sphere.

Aligned with these efforts, TikTok has been rumoured to be launching a novel e-commerce venture in the US, aimed at marketing Chinese-made products to American consumers. This strategic move positions TikTok as a contender in the competitive e-commerce arena, directly challenging platforms like Shein and Temu.

The upcoming e-commerce venture is set to incorporate a unified “TikTok Shop Shopping Center”, offering users a seamless shopping experience by combining diverse channels onto a single page. This innovation enables users to effortlessly explore and purchase products endorsed by TikTok’s programs and external vendors.

According to data from iMarc Group, the United States secondhand luxury goods market was valued at 6,917 million USD in 2022, with a prediction of a compound annual growth rate of 9% from 2023 to 2028. Driving this change is the increasing consumer preferences for high-end fashion accessories at lower prices, along with the emerging trend of re-selling unwanted luxury goods. Meanwhile, in China, the second-hand luxury market is expected to grow to a staggering 30 billion USD by 2025.

All in all, this new endeavour underscores TikTok’s intent to encompass not only brand-new products but also tap into the growing trend of secondhand luxury item sales. The amalgamation of influencer marketing, direct sales, and a curated shopping experience stands to redefine how users interact with the platform, paving the way for a new era of integrated social commerce.


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