Burberry unveils “ugly” Chinese New Year collection

Burberry has released its Chinese New Year 2021 collection which features a limited-edition Thomas Burberry monogram motif based on the Chinese Zodiac. 2021 will be the Year of the Ox which Burberry pays tribute to in its designs that include a merino wool cardigan, oversized Polo shirt, baseball cap and bum bag.

The luxury brand worked with famous models Liu Wen and Wang Xiangguo to promote the collection.

“My first-ever international show was with Burberry, so it feels surreal to have life come full circle and to collaborate with the brand again for the Year of the Ox. Burberry’s campaigns are always so creative and surprising, and this one was no different. “

Statement by Liu Wen
Burberry Chinese New year 2021 collection
Credit: Sohu

However, netizens disagreed with Liu Wen’s opinion that the campaign was “creative”. Many commented that the collection looked ugly and cheap. The large bags reminded Weibo users of polypropylene bags, known as 蛇皮袋, which are extremely cheap in China. Available at convenience stores or supermarkets in, they are often used for moving house or transporting items.

“I don’t know why luxury brands always design hideous Chinese Zodiac products. Most animals can be designed in a way that looks cute and good. Why did they just pick ugly animal pictures to design?

A comment on Weibo

Luxury brands have often “got it wrong” in the Chinese market and Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga were among those to make campaigns which fell flat with Chinese consumers in 2020.

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