Snow King’s girlfriend and race with Chupa Chups: Mixue Bingcheng celebrates 520 in style

After more than a week of teasing, the collaboration between Chinese tea chain Mixue Bingcheng and Spanish lollipop giant Chupa Chups has finally dropped. Coinciding with the internet-born unofficial “lovers’ day” on 20 May, Mixue Bingcheng also brought out its mascot Snow King’s girlfriend Snow Sister (雪妹), which debuted last year.

The campaign itself involves two fruity new drinks, a “couple certificate” modelled after the marriage certificates in China and bouquets of Chupa Chups lollipops. With the internet saying, “handing out sweets” (撒糖), which refers to the Chinese wedding tradition of handing out sweets to guests, Chupa Chups naturally blends in with the happy couple. However, there was a “quarrel” between Chupa and Mixue about whose name appears first in the collab.

The two mascots decided to settle their differences in a civil manner by racing each other on a livestream, hosted by Sina Sports as a tease for the Mixue Bingcheng and Chupa Chups collab. The race ended in a draw. On Weibo, the Sina-owned Twitter-equivalent in China, the topic “Snow King and Chupa Chups makes it official on 520” (#雪王珍宝珠520官宣#) reached number 19 on the Hot Search list with 100 million views.

In fact, this is not the first cross-section co-brand Chupa Chups has done recently. Under the tagline “Everything can be fun” (with “fun” being a pun for “疯”, pronounced feng, meaning crazy), the lollipop brand also launched a collab with C-beauty brand Joocyee. The co-branded collection included lipsticks, blushers, and foundation, as well as merch such as a handheld mirror and a keychain. The topic “Everything can be fun” (#万物皆可fun#) has already accumulated 150 million views on Weibo.

From the first tease, the race to the final release, the collab between the two brands became a week-long online event for fans. With highly memeable moments of the mascot race, plenty of photo opportunities at Mixue stores and an adorable certificate, the collab has once again caught the eyes of the younger audiences.


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