Over 9 million merchants begin Double 12 promotions on Alipay

From today (December 1), over 9 million merchants have begun participating in promotions for the Double 12 shopping festival on Alipay. Merchants, mainly from the hospitality, supermarket, entertainment and FMCG industries, will be offering discounts, benefits and vouchers to Alipay’s consumers.

Double 12 originally just took place on December 12 but this year’s festival has been extended by Alipay to span a month from today (December 1) to December 30. The total revenue generated during the month is expected to reach 10 billion RMB.

Double 12 was invented by Alibaba’s Taobao in 2013 following on from the success of Double 11 or Singles’ Day. It was originally focussed or helping merchants and retailers who had missed out or hadn’t benefited from Singles’ Day. However, it’s now considered another shopping bonanza which offers consumers considerable discounts and benefits.

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