Little Freddie promotes “me time” for mums in new brand podcast

The sustainable baby food brand Little Freddie (called Xiaopi in Chinese) has become the latest brand to launch a Chinese-language podcast to cater to the growing demand among China’s highly educated, urban-dwelling listeners.

The podcast is called “Goodnight Xiaopi” – an ode to the peace that descends once the little ones have been put to bed. That’s when parents finally have time to themselves, and by the same token, it’s when mums can tune into Little Freddie’s podcast and be reminded they are not alone.  

For the inaugural episode, the brand invited Nihao Zhuzi, a London-based lifestyle vlogger, professional photographer, and mother of two to discuss building a successful career while being a mum. The multihyphenate mother (or “slash mum” in Chinese, 斜杠妈妈) dispels the myth of achieving the perfect balance between career and motherhood and encourages mums to seek out “me-time”.

Despite being an ostensibly British brand, Little Freddie was built with the Chinese market in mind, establishing its first customer base there before later launching in the UK.

The brains behind the operation are husband-and-wife duo Piers Buck and Taslim Ho, who created the brand to fill the gap in the market for responsibly sourced, organic baby food. It has since grown into a unicorn start-up with an annual turnover of 52.5 million USD before the pandemic. It first launched in Hong Kong, where the couple are based, in 2014 followed by mainland China in 2016, and the UK in 2018. All Little Freddie products are made in the UK with ingredients sourced from the UK and EU.


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