Let them eat cake: Holiland launches new pet-focused line

On 20 February, well-known Chinese bakery and dessert brand Holiland launched its new pet-centric sub-brand – Holiland Pet. It came after a teaser video was released two weeks prior on 6 February. 17 items, divided into four collections are available for order on e-commerce platforms and Holiland Pet’s WeChat Mini Program since the official launch. On Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, the topic “Holiland pet cakes” (#好利来宠物蛋糕#) has gained an impressive 400,000 views.

The newly launched pet cakes include the Bone Collection with bone-shaped cakes (including fish bones!) and cakes with bone-shaped decorations, while the Toy Collection is mostly in the shape of balls of wool for customers’ feline friends. Meanwhile, the Flower & Butterfly Collection is for the outdoorsy type and the Paw Collection are paw-shaped cakes (including one with a thumbs-up paw) and paw marks on cakes. As Holiland Pet states, the cakes are “(aesthetically) human friendly”.

The cakes include ingredients such as chicken, duck, beef, salmon and quails mixed with goat milk powder, cheese, carrots, ducks’ heart and liver, pears and purple sweet potatoes. An accessories gift pack that includes an insulated bag, a cake box, plates, a candle, cards, bunting and cutlery accompanies each order.

The pet bakery is a relatively new sector and the market is currently between 40 to 50 million RMB (5.56 million to 6.95 million USD) in size and is projected to grow in the next 3 to 5 years. This is especially true after pet mooncakes and pet CNY feasts started becoming bigger on social media. Its audiences are concentrated in higher-tier cities and are predominantly female. However, Holiland, with its brand recognition, will no doubt educate more customer segments about the sector, so the introduction is welcomed by many.


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