In the nude? Armani brings Nude Mania pop-up to Shanghai

Since last weekend, residents and passengers at Wukang Road, Shanghai have noticed a skin-coloured house on the street. Upon closer inspection, it is actually Armani Beauty’s latest pop-up in Shanghai for the ‘Nude Mania’ series limited to spring 2024. The collection is centred around a cushion from the ‘My Armani to Go’ Cushion series, accompanied by several lipsticks. Between 13-21 April, the pop-up shop will be open between 10AM to 8PM.

With a nude pink hue on the outside, the pop-up space is arranged across two storeys, displaying the cushion and lipsticks on the right, and pinkish clothing from Armani on the left. Retro monitors form an audio-visual installation, showing a 90s vapour wave-inspired pinkish video loop that mostly says Nude and Mania. On the second floor, there are pink posters in different shades and many interactive touch points and gifts. There are flower bouquets which you receive with any purchase, free tote bags if you tag it on Xiaohongshu (RED), a mirror for try-ons, as well as a photobooth that you can book for free. You can also get an exclusive blend of Armani coffee at the Armani Nude Mania Caffè next door.

On Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, The topic “Armani Nude Mania Cushion” (#阿玛尼裸粉小羊皮气垫#) garnered a sizeable 1.38 million views on Weibo for a limited collection. However, Armani Beauty dedicates its Weibo to celebrity visits and try-ons, with actresses Nashi, Ming Xi and Xia Meng, being most frequently featured.

The Shanghai pop-up space came after Armani hosted a pop-up exhibition at the Deshou Palace in Hangzhou in the neighbouring Zhejiang province. It is one of many luxury brands who have used pop-up spaces as part of their campaigns since last year in the post-pandemic recovery. Although almost all of them incorporated coffee, Armani’s latest efforts stands out by incorporating more interactive elements than just shop, coffee and check-in points (打卡点).


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