Didi’s ride service now offers speedy KFC meal ordering

China’s leading ride-hailing platform Didi has joined forces with fast-food giant KFC to introduce an innovative service aimed at transforming the commuting experience. Announced on November 17, the new quick order service by Didi is set to redefine convenience for millions of users across China.

Image: SocialBeta

Integrating ride-hailing with food ordering, the new service allows passengers to order KFC meals directly through the Didi App while en route to their destination. This feature becomes available when a user’s journey brings them within approximately 100 metres of a KFC store. Once an order is placed through a mini-program within the app, passengers can collect their meals swiftly at the conclusion of their ride. This integration notably streamlines the process of ordering food on the go, effectively merging transportation and dining into one seamless experience.

At present, the strategic partnership covers nearly 10,000 KFC outlets across China, indicating the scale and ambition behind this initiative. Didi’s wide reach, with its diverse service offerings including Express, Discount Express, Special Express, and Premier rides, ensures that a significant number of commuters can access this service. Additionally, Didi’s “567” promotional campaign in November offers further incentives, providing substantial ride discounts in major cities, thereby encouraging more users to try out this new feature.

This collaboration showcases an insightful grasp of urban commuters’ preferences and habits, especially among the white-collar demographic. More than merely convenient, this service is tailored to maximise the efficiency of travel time, an essential consideration for those navigating the fast-paced life of the city.

Overall, the Didi-KFC partnership offers valuable insights for businesses looking to enter or expand in the Chinese market. The integration of services catering to the lifestyle and convenience of the target demographic is key. Understanding local consumer behaviors and preferences, and creating solutions that seamlessly fit into their daily routines, can be a game-changer. Additionally, strategic collaborations with established local brands can provide a significant advantage, leveraging existing market presence and consumer trust.


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