Chinese brands take top 4 spots in Philippines’ smartphone market

Chinese brands took 4 of the top 5 spots in the Philippines’ smartphone market in Q3. Realme was the most popular smartphone manufacturer with just over a quarter of the market share. It was followed by vivo (14.3%), OPPO (13%) and Huawei (11.1%). The only non-Chinese smartphone brand to make the list was Samsung with 10.1%.

Realme’s parent organisation is OPPO and it is an O-series product. OPPO’s success in the Philippines has been down to its OPPO Reno4 series, which is especially popular among young consumers. OPPO has also been able to establish a stronghold in the market throughout its localised services (including factories in the area and offering jobs to locals), as well as setting up R&D centres around the world.

OPPO has also been growing in popularity worldwide: sales surged by 1456% year-on-year in Spain, making it the fourth most popular smartphone provider with a market share of 8%. In Europe, OPPO mobile phone sales increased by 396%, enabling it to develop 3% of the market share and enter the top 5 most popular brands behind Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei.

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