China’s 4th International Consumer Products Expo kicks off

The 4th China International Consumer Products Expo has kicked off, and will take place between 13-18 April at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Haikou. On Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, trending hashtags include #消博会开幕# (China International Consumer Products Expo opens), #消博会也太好逛了吧# (Expo is too good to shop), and #消博会超4000个品牌逛到眼花腿软# (Expo boasts over 4,000 brands to explore until you’re worn out), with official Chinese media like CCTV News leading the discussion.

At the expo, not only are there eye-catching flying cars like the XPENG Modular Flying Car, a land-air integrated flying car that combines intelligent cars with modern aviation, but also new forms of consumption such as digital consumption are highlighted. Dewu (Trendy Online Shopping Community) is showcasing the latest consumption trends among contemporary youth under the theme of “Technology + Trendy Guochao Goods.” One standout exhibit is the “Dewu Sneaker Museum,” the first 3D innovative application utilising Apple Vision Pro Technology, which attracts significant interest from attendees.

Some of China’s time-honoured brands at the expo are also embracing trends in the hopes of captivating younger consumers, recognising the power of youth. For instance, Zhejiang Huangjiu (one type of rice wine) with a history dating back thousands of years, has partnered with the popular cultural IP “只此青绿” (only this green) to introduce products like Huangjiu coffee and Huangjiu ice cream. In the field of health-conscious consumption, Pien Tze Huang (a pharmaceutical company) has launched “Oriental New National Cosmetics”, which applies traditional Chinese medicine to skincare products.

As the first major international exhibition in China this year, the expo is set to break records at scale. With a total indoor exhibition area of 128,000 square metres, it will draw over 4,000 brands from 71 countries and regions. Notably, the UK Department of Trade and Commerce will organise the “UK Brand Day,” featuring the inauguration of the UK Pavilion, a tasting event for British food and wine, a business matching session for UK brands, and a host of other engaging activities.


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