Burberry officially releases its first NFT in Blankos Block Party game

Burberry has teamed up with game development platform Mythical Games to create the B Series limited edition character Burberry Blanko for their multiplayer game “Blankos Block Party”.

“Blankos Block Party” is a game whose characters (Blankos) are rooted on a blockchain with gameplay that is open to the world for free. Global players can use a marketplace to collect and sell the Blanko vinyl NFT (non-fungible token) toy, which is currently only available on desktop PCs. The use of NFTs and blockchain is beneficial for collectable items as it allows for the verification of ownership of the original version of a toy.

Burberry’s Blanko character is a shark named Sharky B. This avatar’s outfit is based on a new Thomas Burberry monogram (‘TB’) summer exclusive logo, which was inspired by the design of the Animal Kingdom TV series.

Burberry will soon also be launching jetpacks, armbands, and pool shoes, along with other NFT accessories. These new products will be released globally on 11 August. The collection will also be launched on WeChat.

Recently, luxury brand Louis Vuitton decided to also launch their own game called “Louis the Game” to celebrate the 200th birthday of their founder. This game is embedded with 30 NFTs which players can collect along the way during their gameplay.

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