22 million people watch JD and Kuaishou’s joint livestream

22 million people tuned into a livestream event for household necessities jointly hosted by e-commerce platform JD and short-form video platform Kuaishou.

Taking place from September 9 to 10, the promotion was called the “9/9 10 billion double subsidy” as both platforms offered 10 billion RMB worth of subsidies to their audience.

Among the highest-selling products during the event were:

  • 30,000 orders of napkins from Breeze
  • 20,000 orders of Liby’s tea seed detergent
  • 20,000 orders of Huamei’s mooncake sets

The livestreams focussed on daily products including food and beverages, cleaning items and household necessities. Both platforms offered steep discounts and surprise red envelopes (which contain money and are lucky in China). One shopper received a red envelope containing 19,999 RMB and 199 others obtained packets with 899 RMB each.

JD partnered with Kuaishou to boost its presence in the e-commerce livestreaming market at the end of May, ahead of China’s annual midyear 618 shopping festival. Yesterday, the e-commerce platform announced its promotional measures for this year’s Singles’ Day.


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