JD announces promotional measures for Singles’ Day

JD will kick off this year’s Singles’ Day shopping festival on October 21, which will mean that the event will last just short of a month. This news follows an announcement last month by Singles’ Day’s founders, Alibaba Group, that Singles’ Day would be turned into a shopping carnival.

JD will have four key sales periods: pre-sales from October 21-31; special sales from November 1-8; peak sales from November 9-11; and ongoing sales from November 12-13. 

As of October 1, JD will open up four additional visual design tools which will be free of use for merchants and are expected to save sellers one billion RMB.

JD will also offer financial support to merchants, many of whom have been hard hit by COVID-19. The e-commerce platform will reduce the commission fee for merchants and allow them to do cost per sale advertising via Kuaishou, Zhihu or Weibo, or on the JD’s livestream channel. 

“JD will serve as a guardian for merchants during Singles’ Day, creating value for the industry and partners, and providing a trusted service and products for customers.”

Simon Han, vice president at JD.com

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