Xiaomi Youpin’s alphabet for a high-quality life

Ever been tempted by a new electrical product or household appliance to spruce up your home?

Well, Xiaomi Youpin thought as much and produced an alphabet of appliances for their Chinese consumers.

Xiaomi Youpin is a boutique living and household shopping platform, launched by Xiaomi – a mobile internet company specializing in the development of intelligent hardware, smart phones and electronic products. The platform is an independent app which aims to “provide a more complete e-commerce shopping experience and more abundant home products”.

The brand have released 26 posters – an alphabet – to showcase their range of household products and demonstrate how they could improve consumer’s standard of living. 

A is for ArtistCosy pet bed
B is for BrightAnti-blue light glasses
C is for Clean Cleansing brush and anti-ageing device
D is for Detail Healing box for Moxibustion Therapy (a form of TCM)
E is for Easy Kitchen shelf
F is for Freedom Hairdryer 
G is for GentleTea maker
H is for Home Biometric fingerprint lock 
I is for Idea  Smart visual Otoscope
J is for Joy Car display accessory
K is for King Multifunctional knife
L is for Lightness Muscle massage gun
M is for Marriage Intelligent fingerprint padlock 
N is for NiceGiftbox for flowers
O is for Order  Vacuum robot
P is for Power Rowing machine
Q is for QuickIntelligent cooker
R is for Relax Memory pillow
S is for Smile Toy racing tracks
T is for TrustDust mite controller
U is for Useful Electric neck massager
V is for Victory Smart dumbbell 
W is for Wait Selfie-stick
X is for X-axis  Muscle stimulator
Y is for Young Moxibustion stick
Z is for Zero Baby highchair

K is for King – Multifunctional knife is extremely functional and compact.

M is for Marriage – An intelligent fingerprint lock forms a marriage of two locks.


Xiaomi Youpin’s online alphabet campaign took place between March 31st and  April 10th and was advertised on Weibo, WeChat and their own e-commerce platform. The catchy campaign slogan “New life starts from now” hit 14.26 million views on Weibo with over 14,000 comments

Fighting COVID-19 with Xiaomi Youpin

The campaign also encompassed special posters celebrating the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi and giving encouragement to Wuhan’s COVID-19 battle with the phrase “Love Wuhan” made out of their appliances alphabet.

Xiaomi Youpin also showed their support for the Chinese peoples’ fight against COVID-19 in a WeChat post promoting the campaign. The brand commented that:

“V also means victory. Coronavirus will be over and we are fighting against it together.”

Xiaomi shows that the future is smart

More and more young people are interested in buying smart devices or technology-related products that can simplify or improve their quality of life.  Xiaomi Youpin aimed to meet young consumers’ demands and requirements with its fashionable and cheap smart household products. Using an alphabet to showcase its range of devices is a fun and memorable way to distinguish it from other homeware brands

Brand: Xiaomi 

Creative Agency: G11极昼广告

Production House: [ a _ a ] Amused Art