Xiaohongshu offers more traffic for new business accounts during August

Xiaohongshu new traffic for businesses
The breakdown of new traffic

Xiaohongshu has announced that it will promote traffic to businesses who open an account from Aug 15 to Aug 31. It will offer a total of 10 billion views to increase the exposure for new accounts, this will include:

  • 4.5 billion views for excellent/ high-quality merchants
  • 2 billion views for 1,000 creators
  • 2 billion views for new products

Xiaohongshu or Little Red Book is a social media and e-commerce platform. At present, the number of monthly active users on Xiaohongshu exceeds 100 million. More than 8 billion notes are shared every day, and over 30 million users have shared at least 300 million notes on the platform.

According to Xiaohongshu’s CEO Mao Wenchao, the content sharers of Xiaohongshu are the spokespeople of contemporary Chinese urban lifestyle:

“How to make these users understand your products, share your products with their friends and family, and make them truly speak for you is the core goal of the growth of the company and the brand in Xiaohongshu.”


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