Nokia 3210 4G takes users on a trip down memory lane

On 8 May, Nokia announced the launch of the Nokia 3210 4G, a replica version of the original Nokia 3210, priced at 349 RMB (48.25 USD). The Nokia 3210 is the world’s second highest-selling mobile phone of all time, and since its release in 1999, has sold 160 million units. It has a rugged, reliable form factor and a smart design. Not only has the classic Snake game become a cherished memory for a generation, but the ‘Nokia can smash walnuts’ meme also originates from this model.

The newly released Nokia 3210 4G comes in three colours: black, blue, and gold. Its 2.4-inch screen is much larger than its predecessor and it also features a two-megapixel rear camera, which produces similar results to the popular CCD camera on Xiaohongshu (RED). The phone’s battery life has also been improved, with a 1450mAh battery and 2.75W charging power. Additionally, the handset follows the trend of the times by introducing a type-c interface and Bluetooth connectivity. In terms of software, the phone comes with built-in Himalaya and Migu music, retains the classic Snake game, and supports payments using Alipay. For overseas versions, even YouTube Shorts is available.

According to the official introduction, the Nokia 3210 4G is intended for backup groups and students. However, after user evaluation, the phone still has several inconveniences, such as a small screen and lack of support for WeChat, making it more suitable for those who want to ‘quit mobile phones’.

As the king of its generation, the device carries memories for many people, resulting in the new phone selling out within two days of its release. Under the Weibo (China’s Twitter equivalent) topics #Nokia3210# and #Nokia Returns#, many people commented: “How come it’s sold out before I can buy it?”

The 3210 4G’s strong reception cannot be separated from the nostalgia marketing strategy adopted by Nokia. In their promotional copy, Nokia highlights the dream of going back to the millennium, Y2K (year 2000), and other sentimental elements, attracting numerous netizens on social media to share memories about their first Nokia.


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