No courier workers contracted COVID-19 while working amid industry boom

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China’s courier services delivered almost half a million tons across the country from January 23 to June 10 during the country’s COVID-19 outbreak. This included essential goods, such as medical supplies, food and life support devices.

However, according to China’s State Post Bureau, no courier personnel contracted the virus while working. As of today, 58 of China’s 4 million couriers have been infected with COVID-19 but none of the cases originated from their working environment.

From January to August 2020, 1.2 trillion RMB worth of express delivery services were transported across the country. The number of delivered goods increased by 25% to 48 billion items due to the pandemic pushing many consumers towards e-commerce. As such, the 50 billion milestone was reached in early September which is much earlier than in previous years.

Recently, a widely-shared article on WeChat revealed the worsening conditions for deliverymen and the hardships they faced during the pandemic in China.


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