90% of China’s students have returned to on-campus education

As of Sep 18, 242 million students at primary schools, middle schools and universities across China have resumed on-campus teaching, which represents approximately 90% of all students.

As the current COVID-19 risk in China is low, safety measures have been reduced and school teaching has pretty much returned to normal. Students no longer have to wear masks or have their temperatures checked and social distancing measures are not in place; however, disinfectant is regularly used throughout school facilities.

Many Chinese students have also been returning to the UK to attend school and university. Over September and October, about 20,000 Chinese students from all over the country are expected to fly on flights from Chongqing to Manchester and Bristol arranged by Hainan Airlines. Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and Hainan Airlines have made special transfer arrangements for students, including free luggage storage, free packing, free meals and free lodging.

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