China to ramp up testing for Chinese New Year

Chinese authorities will prepare massive anti-epidemic testing to handle the influx of travel which will take place during Chinese New Year in February. Domestic air travel is expected to reach the same capacity as the period before COVID-19. During the 2019 festival, 12.6 million trips were made within China.

According to the National Health Commission, China will prepare for a large number of imported cases and take measures to prevent against infection spreading from imported foods. In preparation, China has trained 2.95 million people as national anti-epidemic professionals. Many Chinese people currently living overseas hope that they can return to China to celebrate the festival.

Since June 8, 133 international rotes and 259 flights have been temporarily suspended from entering China. In order to prevent imported infections, China will only allow 30 international flights to enter China per week from January 1 to March 27. International tourists are still not able to enter China but those with business visas or resident permits are allowed to enter the country with a 2 week quarantine period. China will also introduce more measures for the 15,000 international cargo vehicles entering China everyday.

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