China has administered over 280 million COVID-19 vaccine doses

The National Health Commission has reported that 284.6 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered across China as of May 4.

On the same date, mainland China reported seven new COVID-19 cases, ten new asymptomatic cases, and 323 patients were under medical observation. This brings the official total number of COVID-19 cases in China during the pandemic to 90,721. 

Yet, the country still has virus containment and prevention measures in place to ensure case numbers remain low. Despite record numbers of trips during the Labour Day national holiday which ended today, travellers still had to adhere to COVID-19 measures.

All visitors to tourist attractions have to provide personal information to help the government track any contacts of those infected. Although not in place everywhere across China, temperature checks, mask-wearing, social distancing, and COVID-19 tests are encouraged. Travellers entering China from overseas must stay in a quarantine hotel for fourteen days and be tested on the first and seventh day after their quarantine comes to an end. 

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