Airbnb China joins forces with Thailand’s tourism authority to reboot travel

Airbnb China, the former vacation rental company announced its formal partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand on 14 December, that the two parties will work together to further promote sustainable tourism and revive the industry in a post-pandemic era.

A joint report published by both sides indicates that Asia is expected to be the most popular holiday destination amongst Chinese tourists after China lifted international travel restrictions.

According to the report, 80% of Chinese individuals have plans to travel to Thailand in the upcoming year mainly due to its beautiful natural landscapes, high social tolerance and always has something to suit varying budgets. Bangkok and Chiang Mai have topped the list for most popular Thai destinations, with a choice rate of 76% and 64%, respectively.

According to a spokesperson for Airbnb China, various actions will be taken to satisfy and motivate international tourists, and they remain bullish about the future development of the tourism industry.

On 24 May, Airbnb made an official statement to shut down their short-term rental business in China and refocus on assisting Chinese tourists with looking for rental accommodation abroad.

The three main aspects behind this move was, one, the fierce competition in China’s holiday rental market, another is Airbnb as a foreign company failed to understand Chinese consumers, and finally China only accounted for about 1% of Airbnb’s total business in the past few years.

The absence of Chinese travel lovers due to the pandemic has caused more than a little economic pain for most countries open for inbound travel . However, a surge in travel can be seen in the upcoming year in 2023 as China expects to restore international air travel next year, indicating a promising outlook for the nation’s tourism industry.


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