Dao Insights X ChatLabs – Nailing Double 11 on WeChat

It has been 13 years since the birth of the Double 11 shopping festival aka Singles’ Day or Chinese Black Friday. As China’s largest shopping festival, Double 11 is always in the spotlight with record sales.

This year was no exception, highlighting the power behind Chinese consumers’ spending. In the wake of this year’s Double 11 Festival, we have spotted new trends and shifting consumer behaviours that are worthy of discussion to both marketers and brands. 

We selected five of the best brands, that did scroll-stopping campaigns, in leveraging the WeChat ecosystem to reach their customers. We then asked how they did culturally? Did these brands strike a chord? What made them different from their competitors?

Together we will dive into their multi-faceted marketing strategies and analyse how they connected with their audience during the biggest shopping festival in China.  

To help our audience understand Double 11 better, we are releasing the latest Double 11 Campaign Whitepaper. There will be compelling points of view on how brands have provided high-class personalised experiences for Double 11 customers this year via WeChat, with invaluable insights shared by both Dao Insights and ChatLabs.  

Get involved!  

We ask you to join in the conversation with Arnold Ma and Michel Tjoeng, to rate the campaigns, ask questions, vote in polls and share your experiences and thoughts with us LIVE.  Sign up for our webinar to get our latest Double 11 Campaign Review White Paper. 

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